Magic by Anton James

Ultimate Networking Tool Trick
Ultimate Networking Tool
Trick by Jeff Kaylor and Anton James - $40.00

The Ultimate Networking Tool is an interesting concept: using mentalism to get the contact information of people you meet. As the name suggests, it...

Anton James Live Lecture Live lecture
Anton James Live Lecture
Live lecture by Anton James - $7.95

"Magic is Joy created by Wonder" Are the words which Florida Magician Anton James lives by. A worker, a thinker and above all an intense...

Unshuffled Trick
Trick by Anton James - $35.00

Show a mixed pack, give a wave of the hand and instantly the deck is UNSHUFFLED! Similar effects take years to master with a normal deck but with...

Anton James Live Lecture DVD DVD
Anton James Live Lecture DVD
DVD by Anton James - $9.95

Anton James took his act "The Naked Mentalist" from concept to performing for hundreds of thousands of people in 6 MONTHS! His versatile, ready for...

Pro Board Trick
Pro Board
Trick by Anton James - $29.95

The ProBoard is a deviously simple switching board that is a breeze to use. The ProBoard is the perfect switching pad that allows you to write down a...