Ultimate Fire Gimmick Pro

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Accessory by Jeremy Pei ($30.00)

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Ultimate Fire Gimmick Pro - magic

UFG Pro is, without a doubt, the ultimate fire gimmick!

With Jeremy Pei's new and improved UFG Pro, you can instantly produce a blast of flames from your palms after showing your hands completely empty!

Incorporate it into many of your existing stage routines. Comes complete with custom crafted UFG gimmick and an Instructional DVD featuring:

  • Bare hand fire production
  • Double hand flasher
  • Jeremy Pei's Self-Contained Flash Silk Appearance
  • Flash Candle Vanish
  • Jeremy Pei's Self-Contained Flash Sreamers Production
  • And many more tips and tricks
  • UFG Pro require the use of Flash Cotton which is not included.
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Customer reviews for Ultimate Fire Gimmick Pro

Anton Nova

Fire get fast and undivided attention when performed correctly and safely. When U need 2 get attention or for that special MOMENT nothing beats fire. The gimmick is so incredible and simple yet powerful. I wish I had thought of it. Get this and U will have many different F/X's and a fast and easy way 2 get that flash or flame. EZ 2 carry with little to no maintenance. The DVD has many ideas and the price is right. I have 2 and use them all the time without fail.