Magic by Jeremy Pei

LemoNegg 2.0 Trick
LemoNegg 2.0
Trick by Jeremy Pei - $200.00

A highly entertaining and logical presentation for the classic bill in lemon plot. The LemoNegg Routine: A spectator is invited up on stage, to join you on an imaginary trip to the supermarket. A bill is borrowed and signed (or its serial number being noted down for verification later)...

Ultimate Fire Gimmick Pro Accessory
Ultimate Fire Gimmick Pro
Accessory by Jeremy Pei - $30.00

UFG Pro is, without a doubt, the ultimate fire gimmick! With Jeremy Pei's new and improved UFG Pro, you can instantly produce a blast of flames from your palms after showing your hands completely empty! Incorporate it into many of your existing stage routines. Comes complete...

The Living Room Project - Volume 1 DVD
The Living Room Project - Volume 1
DVD by Jeremy Pei - $29.95

The Living Room Project is an exclusive release of commercial "tried and tested" magic routines featured in Jeremy Pei's Professional repertoire. In this volume, Jeremy shares a collection of coin magic used in his live shows as well as original ideas using a variety of gaff coins....

Now Boarding Trick
Now Boarding
Trick by Jeremy Pei - $150.00

A Highly Entertaining Comedy Magic Presentation With A Stunning Finale! Drawing inspiration from "Tommy Wonder's Ring, Watch and Wallet" style presentation. "NOW BOARDING" is a tried and tested routine in Jeremy Pei's professional repertoire. The complete act packs small and plays...

Ultimate Fire Magic DVD
Ultimate Fire Magic
DVD by Jeremy Pei - $45.00

Disclaimer: This DVD is not suitable for minors. The fire effects taught in this DVD are performed by a trained professional under a protected environment. Every effort has been made to accurately demonstrate the usage and safety measure for all the effects and should be performed at your own risk....