Magic by Michel

Indexpress 2.0 DVD & props
Indexpress 2.0
DVD & props by Vernet Magic and Michel - 49.00

The perfect billet index is here. Imagine if you could find any billet, secretly, in one second. With "Indexpress 2.0" by Vernet Magic, you...

Invocation Trick
Trick by Esteban Manazza and Michel - 45.00

The spirits in your pocket have been released. "Invocation" from Michel and Esteban Manazza is a unique set of mysterious pieces that...

Inside Trick
Trick by Vernet Magic and Michel - 34.95

An impossible and amazing nested prediction. "Inside" is a card-at-number effect with a mentalism twist that will stun every audience. You...

Reminiscene Trick
Trick by Vernet Magic and Michel - 49.95

An stunning double prediction that packs small and plays for audiences of all sizes. You start by inviting everyone to take a trip down memory lane...

Refill for Reminiscence Refill
Refill for Reminiscence
Refill by Vernet Magic and Michel - 15.95

Refill for "Reminiscence" by Michel and Vernet Magic. Comes with 50-page pad for forcing and stealing information. Refill only. No...