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Secret Sessions DVD
Secret Sessions
DVD by A-1 MagicalMedia - $34.95

This DVD features an effect David Blaine performed a number of times on his Street Magic Special - Eddie Fetcher's "Be Honest - Was Is It?" (also referred to as the "Two Card Monte") taught by Paul Gertner. Have you ever wished you could sit in on a super-secret...

Convention At The Capital 1999 DVD
Convention At The Capital 1999
DVD by A-1 MagicalMedia - $34.95

Performers and EffectsHighlights from the lectures of today's hottest performers! Year in and year out, the A-1 MagicalMedia Convention at the Capital is hailed as the greatest convention ever. The reason for that is the performers. With this incredible videotape you don't have to miss a thing....

Ultimate Pickpocket Trick
Ultimate Pickpocket
Trick by A-1 MagicalMedia - $7.00

A card is selected and lost in the deck. This deck is put in it case and the case is sealed. The seal is initialed by the spectator. The case is placed into the spectator's empty coat pocket.The magician now extracts the selection from the case...In under three seconds!The case is removed from the...

A-1 Magical Media - Greatest Hits DVD
A-1 Magical Media - Greatest Hits
DVD by A-1 MagicalMedia - $35.00

Michael Maxwell, President of A-1 MagicalMedia, has produced directed, edited, or starred in over 150 video/DVD titles for magicians. Not only that, but he has a knack for persuading traditionally reclusive performers into releasing their pet effects for the A-1 cameras. Superstars of magic such...

Gift Of Grab Trick
Gift Of Grab
Trick by A-1 MagicalMedia - $10.00

Three spectators each select a card. The selections are shuffled inot the deck and the deck is dropped into a "gift bag". A spectator shakes the bag to mix the cards. With a bare hand, the performer reaches into the bag and finds the three selections! The cards and the bag may be completely...

Convention at the Capital 1998- A-1, DVD DVD
Convention at the Capital 1998- A-1, DVD
DVD by A-1 MagicalMedia - $34.95

Performers and Effects:Gregory Wilson - Florida Keys~ A completely baffling impromptu effect wherein two borrowed keys ling and unlink from a key ring. VERY VISUAL!Kenton Knepper - EZ Torn & Restored Card~ Using only one card, this is perhaps the easiest and most deceptive Torn & Restored...