Magic by Abdullah Mahmoud

Shin Lim Presents INKLING Trick
Shin Lim Presents INKLING
Trick by Shin Lim and Abdullah Mahmoud - 34.95

It's in your face impossibility, what real magic looks like. This is INKLING!Imagine if you could make the ink on your arm move with just a flick!...

Egyptian Ink DVD
Egyptian Ink
DVD by SansMinds and Abdullah Mahmoud - 29.95

Quite often a transpo effect requires a duplicate object to complete the effect but what if that was no longer the case? Abdullah...

DECEPTION Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Abdullah Mahmoud and Skymember Presents - 9.95

Stabbed and Restored, also known as the TNR (Torn and Restored) card effect. This magic plot is no stranger to most magicians. There have so many...

Thruttle Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Abdullah Mahmoud - 9.95

Imagine borrowing any plastic or glass bottle, and coin. Have the spectator sign the coin -- then visually you throw the coin inside the bottle!...