Magic by Alchemy Insiders

Micro Trick
Trick by Alchemy Insiders - $39.95

Micro is a specially printed gimmick that allows you to visually and instantly change a full-size playing card into a mini card which can be shown on both sides. The gimmick also allows for a number of other magical effects such as shrinking an entire deck of cards into a mini deck of cards....

Drone Stab Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Drone Stab
Trick by Jason Bird, Alchemy Insiders and Dallas Fueston - $2500.00

Approximate dispatch time: two weeks A Drone Magically finds a spectator's signed card... in mid-air! This is the cutting edge of magic and technology. This is an expensive trick but an effect that is visually stunning and completely impossible! Plus, the exclusivity of the trick will ensure that...

Trick by Alchemy Insiders - $24.95

Looking for a unique transposition for your audiences? Then look no further than Razed! This unique gimmick lets you perform color changes and transpositions with the greatest of ease.Imagine showing a different-colored lighter in each hand, yet with a simple wave, the lighters change...