Magic by Alex Soza

Perfect Switch Magic download (video)
Perfect Switch
Magic download (video) by Alex Soza - $20.00

A stunningly visual coin transformation that will stun your spectators. This can be used as a color change or transposition. Watch the demo and then...

Twisted Card Magic download (video)
Twisted Card
Magic download (video) by Alex Soza - $14.99

A spectator chooses a playing card which is shown on both sides. Then, with the back facing the audience, you wave your hand over the card. Slowly...

CosmiCoin Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Alex Soza - $11.99

6 creative and visual coin tricks, 1 download. "CosmiCoin" features: 2 incredible transpositions 2 spellbound style effects 1 coin...

Cool Change Magic download (video)
Cool Change
Magic download (video) by Alex Soza - $19.99

Cool Change is an amazingly visual and versatile coin magic gimmick. You can change the color of a coin, or even perform powerful transposition or...