Magic by Alexander Kolle

Science Friction Trick
Science Friction
Trick by Alexander Kolle - $95.00

Forget those roughing and adhesive sprays and get the amazing new Nano Fluid for your playing cards. It's Science Friction! Science Friction can do everything your old cans of roughing and adhesive spray could do, but even more! This rubber adhesive nano spray will let you perform sleights...

REFILL for Paul Harris Presents The Hawk 2.0 Trick
REFILL for Paul Harris Presents The Hawk 2.0
Trick by Alexander Kolle - From $10.00

2 Basic Gimmicks and approximately 10 Ft of Thread for Hawk 2.0.No Lucky Cards or Instructions included.

The Hawk 2.0 DVD & props
The Hawk 2.0
DVD & props by Alexander Kolle - $39.95

This can be the finale of your normal ambitious card routine, or a stand alone big-build-up show stopper. Anyone signs both sides of any card (from a normal deck) You insert the signed card into the center of the deck...which you place on the floor (or hold in one hand.) Everyone stares at...

Delicious Ambitious Trick
Delicious Ambitious
Trick by Alexander Kolle - $14.90 $11.32 (SAVE $3.58)

As Dai Vernon fooled Houdini, this Ambitious Card Routine will fool all your friends. No Exception. Delicious Ambitious is an extraordinarily strong effect that is also included in our Science Friction Spray Set - the revolutionary nano fluid for playing cards. If you have not had the...