Magic by Amazo

Flash Silk Magic download (video)
Flash Silk
Magic download (video) by Amazo - $5.00

This can be an elegant edition to any routine that uses a silk. Flash Silk by Sandro Loporcaro (Amazo) lets you produce a silk hanky from nowhere, with open fingers. You can produce a card fan of your hand and after having dropped, you reveal a silk hanky or a scarf that you will put on your...

Dream Dots Trick
Dream Dots
Trick by Amazo - $72.50

A classic magic effect just got better! Awarded by Fantasio, Dream Dots Vanishing Cane is a must for any stage or cabaret general magic performer. Vanishing and appearing canes have been a staple for magicians the world over, with the Fantasio canes known as one of the most reliable and...

Invisible Holder Trick
Invisible Holder
Trick by Amazo - $34.95

Invisible Holder is a new special gimmick designed to allow the appearance of one or two umbrellas, doves or other objects. It does not used pins, magnets, velcro or ties.  You can open it easily in one move, open your jacket without any problem and without arousing suspicion. It takes one...

Hot Microphone Trick
Hot Microphone
Trick by Amazo - $79.95

Ready for a fire effect that leaves a signal? With this microphone you are able to definitely attract attention and create a real funny situation when you begin to speak in public or when you ask the public present to take part in your performance. Easy to use, does not require spare parts or...