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Andreu's Intimum Sacrarium Book
Andreu's Intimum Sacrarium
Book by Andreu - From $100.00

Most of this material can be performed in AAA (anytime, anywhere, for anyone) conditions as it has been designed with the "impromptu" premise in mind - from minimal to zero preparation whatsoever. For some of the effects, setup may be required only once from your part. It's available in hardback...

GEHEIMNISSE (Hardcover) Book and Gimmicks  Book
GEHEIMNISSE (Hardcover) Book and Gimmicks
Book by Andreu - $100.00

Andreu's new mentalism release, GEHEIMNISSE ("Secrets") is finally here! In this beautiful hardcover book of 144 pages, you will find new concepts and methods which will allow you to portray several abilities ranging from expert body language reading skills to real telepathy. This is 100%...

Mindsight Book
Book by Andreu - $75.00 $57.00 (SAVE $18.00)

MindSight is a mentalism effect and set of principles from Andreu. You will find an amazing solution to the classical 'which hand' effect, along with his unique approach to binary, base 3 and base 4 systems applied to mindreading. This is powerful and direct mentalism that...