Magic by Andrew woo

Illuminating Ideas Magic download (ebook)
Illuminating Ideas
Magic download (ebook) by Andrew woo - $11.95

With Andrew's second book completed he decided to put together a themed book. Although this third book is slightly off the beaten path it maintains its entertainment value. The majority of effects require some level of arts and crafts construction. Illuminating Ideas Andrew Woo, a...

Fertile Stratagems Magic download (ebook)
Fertile Stratagems
Magic download (ebook) by Andrew woo - $14.95

Fertile Stratagems Andrew Woo, a Toronto magician, is a seasoned performer who was featured in The Linking Rings, in a "One-Man Parade" in 2013. Currently he is a monthly columnist in The Linking Rings publication under the heading "Simple Diversions". So for the first time he will...

A La Carte - Forged from Introspect Magic download (ebook)
A La Carte - Forged from Introspect
Magic download (ebook) by Andrew woo - $9.95

Andrew Woo presents his second book. This offering contains a collection of enhancements and refinements on existing plots and themes but with a perspective that is truly Andrew Woo. Enjoy his original thinking through various methodologies applied to the Art of Magic. A La Carte...