Magic by Anton Corradin

REFILL SWB  Replacement Kit Trick
REFILL SWB Replacement Kit
Trick by Anton Corradin - $50.00 $38.00 (SAVE $12.00)

A Replacement Kit with 10 white - 12" x 16" envelopes for SWB (Self Writing Blackboard) Trick by Anton Corradin.

Shattered & Fixed Glass Trick
Shattered & Fixed Glass
Trick by Anton Corradin - $59.95

The magician opens by showing the audience a picture frame with a photo of Harry Houdini and comments that besides being famous for his great escapes the illusions had another virtue that was less known. It was the power of his gaze; he could shatter glass or mirrors by just looking at...

Slap! Trick
Trick by Anton Corradin - $280.00 $212.80 (SAVE $67.20)

The audience will receive a slap on the face when they will witness how, only a few meters away, one of the magician's hand will be cut with a knife, taken apart, and then put back in its place!!!This is a quick, shocking, and unexpected effect, such as a slap. The illusion includes:- a magician's...