Magic by Arlen Studio

Silver Shifter - Quarter Gimmicked coin
Silver Shifter - Quarter
Gimmicked coin by Arlen Studio - 45.00

The Quarter Shift is like no other coin available. With it, you actually bend the coin right in front of your spectator. The coin bends VISUALLY, and...

Hell's Hustle Trick
Hell's Hustle
Trick by Arlen Studio - 65.00

Effect"Never try to beat the devil at his own game" is the theme of this bizarre three card Monte inspired effect. A small photo case of the type...

Multiplying Cigars Trick
Multiplying Cigars
Trick by Arlen Studio - 150.00

EffectTired of multiplying balls? How about multiplying Cigars? Yep, now you can apply all that ball knowledge to cigars with our hand made set of...