Magic by Calvin Liew

Synthetic Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Calvin Liew - $6.95

This is a simple effect which looks strangely visual. Certainly worth learning if you use rubber bands in your magic.You borrow a rubber band and wrap it on your thumb. With a simple shoot, the rubber band visually penetrate your finger and TWISTED.  With the final kicker the penetration...

Ancient Egypt Playing Cards Deck of cards
Ancient Egypt Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Calvin Liew and Arise Art Studio - $12.00

From front to back, Ancient Egypt Playing Cards are an absolutely stunning tribute to an awe-inspiring civilization that becomes increasingly lost in history with each passing day. Every aspect of this fully-customized deck of cards features remarkably detailed illustrations that commemorate...

Flare Ring Magic download (video)
Flare Ring
Magic download (video) by Calvin Liew - $6.95

Familiar with the classic coin bite effect? Flare Ring is an evolution of the classic coin bite with the finger ring. It's simple, show your finger ring and put it into your mouth then the ring visually reappeared at your pinky. 

The Art of Rubber Band DVD & props
The Art of Rubber Band
DVD & props by Calvin Liew - $34.95

Looking for something unique for your close-up audiences? Want to astound with the simplest of props? From the mind of Calvin Liew, we proudly bring you The Art of Rubber Band. Starting in 2013, he has been developing underground creations catching notice from big names in ...