Magic by Chris Kenworthey

Mastermind Trick
Trick by Chris Kenworthey - $31.95

Chris Kenworthey's Mastermind (Any Card at Any Number) has been featured by Kreskin on both "The David Letterman Show" and "Live with Regis and...

Merlin's Magical Hat - Chris Kenworthey Trick
Merlin's Magical Hat - Chris Kenworthey
Trick by Chris Kenworthey - $25.00

This hat modeled after the late, great, Merlin the Wizard's moon and star hat is one that will definitely light up the room. Great for a laugh at...

Telethought Pad Accessory
Telethought Pad
Accessory by Chris Kenworthey - $55.00

Technology at its best! Imagine Having a spectator literally think of any word, any number, any design, or any thought. The thought is written on...

Chinese Prediction Trick
Chinese Prediction
Trick by Chris Kenworthey - $25.00

A great mentalism effect that will baffle your audience! Write a prediction, fold it up, and either place it on the table, or ask someone to hold...

Refill for Telethought Pad Trick
Refill for Telethought Pad
Trick by Chris Kenworthey - $12.50 $9.50 (SAVE $3.00)

5.5" x 4" sized replacement pages for Large Telethough Pad. NOTE: Actual Telethought Pad and Instructions NOT included.