Magic by Chris Westfall

Live at McSorely's DVD & props
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Live at McSorely's
DVD & props by Chris Westfall - $30.00

In this intimate DVD, Chris Westfall takes us on a tour of his residency venue in Toronto, the famous McSorley’s. There, he shares three of his most...

Calculated Chaos Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Calculated Chaos
Book by Chris Westfall - $20.00

When working professionals pour their hearts into their magic, we take notice. Chris Westfall is one of the best and busiest magicians in the...

Cigatration Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Cigatration
Trick by Chris Westfall - $15.00

At Vanishing Inc. Magic we strive to find the best renditions of our favorite routines. Ever thought about doing "Cigarette through Coin"? For us,...