Magic by Christopher Wiehl

RIP DVD & props
Vanishing Inc. exclusive RIP
DVD & props by Christopher Wiehl - $25.00

There are many torn and restored card effects on the market. Most are difficult, multi-phased, and angle-sensitive. Pros and cons for each one. The advantage of RIP is that the ENTIRE effect happens in ten seconds. You casually tear a card to pieces, then shake the pieces. They VISIBLY...

Gunslinger Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Gunslinger
Magic download (video) by Christopher Wiehl - $10.00 $7.00 (SAVE $3.00)

Learn four amazing "shots" to blow away your audiences. In this collection, you will learn four new sleights that allow you to "shoot" a card between two mates, and much more. These are ideal additions to your favorite routines and are great fun to practice.  As well as a handful of...

Arthur DVD
DVD by Christopher Wiehl - $35.00

Arthur is one of those tricks which has two magic moments for the price of one.  Not a kicker, but a second magical looking event built right into it.  It's like when the lady is sawn in two.  The "in two" part gets one reaction, but the restored part gets the real reaction! ...

Senses DVD & props
DVD & props by Christopher Wiehl - $34.95

A souffle cup is an overlooked item at many restaurants but it is something that we find ourselves using all the time. They are fantastic for keeping good things in and bad things out. That is where senses changes. What you will learn on this 110 minute long DVD will allow you to take this...

Seattles Finest Magic download (video)
Seattles Finest
Magic download (video) by Christopher Wiehl - $4.95

Who says you need an espresso machine to make great coffee? Just easily make it in your hands, instantly.   This is a fooling and fun effect which would be perfect in a casual setting.  Christopher Wiehl has devised a most clever method of taking some easily found, everyday...

Dance Lessons Magic download (video)
Dance Lessons
Magic download (video) by Christopher Wiehl - $4.95

Think a playing card and coin can't dance? Christopher Wiehl is here to show you that they can. They can even fuse together. "Dance Lessons" is Christopher's unique twist on the Anniversary Waltz where you will be able to take a playing card and a spectator signed coin, and combine them...

The Works Magic download (video)
The Works
Magic download (video) by Christopher Wiehl - $5.95

Christopher Wiehl offers an amazing multiphase sandwich routine that ends with a sandwich that you can offer as a souvenir. You will learn several nuances and techniques that you can immediately apply into routines you're already doing. 

And All Will Be Consumed DVD
And All Will Be Consumed
DVD by Christopher Wiehl - $24.95

And All Will Be Consumed is a very visual method for the coin in bottle effect that allows you to perform the effect under test conditions. Here's an example: Borrow a quarter have it signed, next have the bottle examined completely and then screw on the cap. At this point in the effect your...