Magic by Cosmo Solano

Shopaholic! Trick
Trick by Cosmo Solano - $89.95

Shopaholic! - A "Q-Singles" EffectNew from the Creator of "Q" The Quantum Connect and International Pocket Change comes a unique and powerful effect using common coupons and a grocery store receipt! Effect:15 different discount snack item coupons are shown, mixed and turned face down. 4 are freely...

The Lexican Book
The Lexican
Book by Cosmo Solano - $139.00

3 Common Puzzle books 49 puzzles each 147 puzzles total Over 3,675 Possible "Answers" Completely free choice Puzzles are legitimate Puzzles are PROVEN to all be different from each other. 3 common Crossword Puzzle Books are shown 2 books are chosen, (the third is used to show examples to the...

Joker Monte Trick
Joker Monte
Trick by Cosmo Solano - $17.95

Monte style effect where the Queen of Hearts is impossible to follow! Finally a paper clipped is used to help "mark" a card, but that proves to be no help! The paper clip seems to jump to the queen! Powerful "kicker" ending leaves you clean with cards that can be examinable! Includes:5 Bicycle...

International Pocket Change DVD
International Pocket Change
DVD by Cosmo Solano - $87.95

From the creator of SHOPAHOLIC!, "Q" and NEWSWORTHY! comes an organic, all natural magic effect with everyday objects! International Pocket Change (a.k.a. IPC) is an easy to do, entertaining and MIND BLOWING effectwhere your AUDIENCE predicts the amount of pocket change you have in your...

Exodus Trick
Trick by Cosmo Solano - $19.00

Effect8 Cards are removed from a Bicycle Deck of playing cards. They are handed to a spectator who merely thinks of one of them and places them between their palms for safe keeping. The card's identity is not written down, not whispered to anyone, no questions are asked...nothing! The rest of the...

Quacker Jack'd Trick
Quacker Jack'd
Trick by Cosmo Solano - $89.95

Spectator(s) freely names a card while munching on a bag of Cracker Jacks Popcorn...The bag is then dumped out and the prize package is seen among the popcorn and peanuts.The prize is opened and has a folded up playing card in it and it matches the card named! Easy to do! No Sleights, choices are...

Super Clipped Trick
Super Clipped
Trick by Cosmo Solano - $15.00

Not since TWISTED SISTER, NFW, ULTIMATE 3 CARD MONTE, has there been a card routine this powerful! EffectA small spread of five cards is shown, the black 2's and 3's, along with the Ace of Hearts. The spectator is asked to try and "clip" the only red card, the Ace of Hearts, with a paper clip. They...

Newsworthy Trick
Trick by Cosmo Solano - $89.95

From the creator of "International Pocket Change", "Q" and "SHOPAHOLIC!" comes an organic, all natural magic effect with everyday objects! NEWSWORTHY! is an easy to do, entertaining and MIND BLOWING effect which utilizes the power of "Q" and leaves your audiences stunned! EFFECT: What if your...

Prodigal Aces Trick
Prodigal Aces
Trick by Cosmo Solano - $15.00

Four separate piles are laid on the table, each clearly containing one of the four aces... Without any moves, counts or sleights the aces INSTANTLY vanish from their piles and are found under the spectator's hand! "Perhaps the simplest, cleanest, fastest and most magical Ace assembly to date.."...

Cosmo's Card Box Trick
Cosmo's Card Box
Trick by Cosmo Solano - $19.95

An effective way to switch cards in a card box. Take a typical card box, drop a card in and close the lid (if you wish). When needed, pop open the box and openly dump out the contents, what was placed inside has changed! Great for any effect where you need to switch a card or small...