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Cube Crush Trick
Cube Crush
Trick by Craig Squires - $26.75 NOW $20.33 (SAVE $6.42)

Limited only by your imagination. Cube Crush is a fold flat, crushable Rubik's Cube system, supplied with both solved and mixed cube patterns. Fits perfectly over regular cubes as a shell, so you can come up with your own cubetastic routines! Fold it Glue it Crush it Fits over a real cube 25...

iLogo DVD
DVD by Craig Squires - $44.50 NOW $33.82 (SAVE $10.68)

The moment you perform magic with a spectators object is the moment they believe you can truly bend reality! Nothing is stronger than visual magic with a borrowed object. Craig Squires has created an effect that is totally visual, totally weird and bang up to date! is...

iTest Trick
Trick by Craig Squires - $13.50 NOW $10.26 (SAVE $3.24)

Craig Squires is proud to release iTest! iTest is an amazing, original and innovative revelation for the magic community. An eye test card is shown and when heat is applied (either secretly or overtly), all the letters fade except for those spelling out your choice of revelation. Currently...