Magic by Craighill

Craighill is a luxury design brand founded in 2015 by Hunter Craighill. The specialty manufacturing company combines curiosity and ingenuity to create products that are as functional and timeless as they are beautiful and intriguing. Their detail-obsessed approach to design and manufacturing allows our overworked minds to enjoy a state of mindfulness through the sensory pleasures of touching, seeing, and doing.
Wilson Keyring Apparel
Wilson Keyring
Apparel by Craighill - From $15.00

Effortlessly infuse a touch of elegance into your daily life with this elegantly simple and efficient brass keyring. Offered as part of our special...

Closed Helix Keyring Apparel
Closed Helix Keyring
Apparel by Craighill - 30.00

A tiny, daily dose of joy in your pocket. The “Closed Helix Keyring” is another elegant gem from luxury brand Craighill. We’re thrilled to offer it...

Venn Puzzle Puzzle
Venn Puzzle
Puzzle by Craighill - 98.00

A luxurious mechanical puzzle offering an oddly satisfying and meditative distraction from daily life. Developed by Craighill, a Brooklyn, NY-based...

Jack Puzzle Puzzle
Jack Puzzle
Puzzle by Craighill - 99.95

The luxury puzzle that started it all... Craighill is a lavish design brand based in Brooklyn, NY, that produces captivating and functional products...

Wavelinks Puzzle Puzzle
Wavelinks Puzzle
Puzzle by Craighill - 160.00

Dive into the mystery of this tactile wonder from Craighill, the leading creator of the most luxurious premium puzzles in the world. The “Wavelinks...