Magic by Dan Alex

Into The Hole Magic download (video)
Into The Hole
Magic download (video) by Dan Alex - $5.95

A new penetration of a safety pin in a hole on a playing card! The magician shows a playing card with a hole in the corner. He then takes a closed safety pin from among the many on the table. Impossibly, the safety pin becomes attached to the card EasyQuickImmediateEasy to make

Ago Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Dan Alex - $9.00

The magician shows a deck of cards and offers the spectator to choose a card which they sign. The magician shows a needle lying on the sleeve, and says he wants to find the chosen card with the needle. At this point the magician puts the needle in his mouth and spits it against the...

Corachange Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Dan Alex - $9.50

The magician presents to their audience a normal shirt with black buttons.  Although the button is sewn in place, the performer changes its color with a wave of his hand Hands can be shown empty before and after the performance; Material cheap and easy to find. No threadNo...