Magic by Dan Sperry

Inmortuorum Deck Deck of cards
Inmortuorum Deck
Deck of cards by Dan Sperry - $8.95

Designed by Dan Sperry with logo design by renowned artist Gris Grimly! Printed by the United States Playing Card Company Features Dan Sperry "Penta-Rabbit" logo on back High quality Bicycle grade stock & finish Further detailed back design Undead Ace of Spades...

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Chemical X Trick
Chemical X
Trick by Dan Sperry - $15.00

Finally available again!  Dan has made his secretadhesive glue available to the magic community once more: Chemical X is back! This is a super strong adhesive formula that is an excellent replacementto rubber cement.  It is non-toxic, quick drying, and latex free.     The...

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The Social Media Magician Book
The Social Media Magician
Book by Dan Sperry - $30.00

Millions of views on YouTube and hundreds of thousands of dedicated online followers spanning every major social network including numerous fan made and moderated fan sites: Dan Sperry has literally become a viral celebrity though his constant interactivity with these fans. Now for...

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Bruised Trick
Trick by Dan Sperry - $25.00

Dan Sperry presents Daniel Martin's Bruised! Bruised is a great way to reveal a chosen or thought of card but it is much more than that. It can be used with coin tricks, ESP tricks, to reveal a number, name, initials, or word and so on - limited only by your imagination and is perfect for a...

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Ultimate Dove Loop Holder Trick
Ultimate Dove Loop Holder
Trick by Dan Sperry - $10.00

This loop holder locks your loops into place no matter if they are wire or fishing line loops. Just pin this gimmick into your jacket and you'll never have to worry about "fishing" for your loops again.

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Refill for Bruised Trick
Refill for Bruised
Trick by Dan Sperry - $15.00

Includes 8 complete sheets (24 bruises) for Bruised by Daniel Martin.

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Technical Dove Tosses DVD
Technical Dove Tosses
DVD by Dan Sperry - $30.00

In this whimsical DVD the infamously mercurial Dan Sperry takes you backstage to learn the inner secrets of return flight dove training. You will learn step by step how to properly train your birds for a near 100% successful return toss rate in literally any condition! Dan begins by giving you a...

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DVD by Dan Sperry - $12.00

Within the pages of this book, Gothic master of shock illusion, handsome boyish good looks, and all-around swell guy, Dan Sperry, reveals all the details of how to travel with your birds for your show. Everything from local gigs to domestic and even international travel, along with...

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Book by Dan Sperry - $25.00

These notes reflect on many years of weekend warrior gigs from an early teen through adulthood. They also cover the experiences learned from trial and error in an effort to expand my career. I'm often asked, not just by young magicians, but by adult magicians as well: "How do I start...

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Book by Dan Sperry - $25.00

"I saw Dan destroy an audience of 3000 people last year. I was one of them. I'd never seen or heard of him before and he was just brilliant" - Andy Nyman "There is a damn good reason Dan Sperry is in the world's largest, best selling touring magic show right now. He's that good" -...

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DVD by Dan Sperry - $15.00

A Paranormal Presentation For The Out To Lunch Concept Dan Sperry now shares his paranormal presentation on the "Out to Lunch" concept. Included is everything you need to perform BOTH of these eerie versions: SPIRIT PHOTO ROUTINE Magician shows a stack of spirit...

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Peek Pack Accessory
Peek Pack
Accessory by Dan Sperry - $13.00

PeeK Pack is an introduction to the classic Peek Fold. It comes complete with special Peek Pack pad of paper specifically made to the perfect size and paper weight to perform numerous mind reading demonstrations. Small enough to carry in your pocket but powerful enough to play for...

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