Magic by Dar Magia

Magic Board Paddles Trick
Magic Board Paddles
Trick by Dar Magia - 15.00

With these paddles you will be able to do many things that will surprise your viewers, such as control drawings, make elements appear, such as coins,...

Magic Wine Paddle Trick
Magic Wine Paddle
Trick by Dar Magia - 20.00

Surprise your spectators with a beautiful act of close-up magic by achieving the impossible, turning two printed popsicles into a delicious drink of...

Happy Bird Paddle Trick
Happy Bird Paddle
Trick by Dar Magia - 25.00

You find a nest in a tree and a little bird lays an egg, since the parents do not return, you decide to become the father of that pigeon, and you...

Trick by Dar Magia - $20.00 $10.00 (SAVE $10.00)

After two years of the pandemic, we have learned many things, including that vaccines are the way out of many diseases and the use of some items that...

Pee Pet Paddle Trick
Pee Pet Paddle
Trick by Dar Magia - 29.95

Make your audience smile and laugh with this hilarious take on the paddle move magic trick. They'll never see the unexpected ending coming. "Pee...

Shifting Hole Paddle Trick
Shifting Hole Paddle
Trick by Dar Magia - 15.00

Only a great wizard can make it through solid to solid without breaking anything. At a very short distance from the audience you will make a rope...