Magic by Dave Powell

Micro Writer Accessory
Micro Writer
Accessory by Dave Powell - $12.00 NOW $9.12 (SAVE $2.88)

The New Powell Micro Writer is perfect when you prefer an adhesive Boon-type nail writer for close-up or stage. The Micro Writer holds a replaceable pencil lead that be changed in seconds. You can perform mind boggling effects like revealing a thought of number or shape, predict the amount of...

Swami Thumb Writer Trick
Swami Thumb Writer
Trick by Dave Powell - $12.25 NOW $9.31 (SAVE $2.94)

Dave Powell's Swami Writer Imagine being able to predict the amount of change in anyone's pocket, at anytime. Or imagine being able to predict a number that anyone is thinking, at anytime! That's exactly what happens with the help of the Swami Writer!

Blindfold Trick
Trick by Dave Powell - $30.00 NOW $22.80 (SAVE $7.20)

The Deluxe Metal Blindfold is the perfect addition to any magic or mental act. The blindfold appears to be perfectly normal when closely examined, however, when worn correctly, you can still see out of it! This makes it possible to accomplish some unbelievable mind-reading effects! The blindfold is...

Ghost Bottle Trick
Ghost Bottle
Trick by Dave Powell - $42.00 NOW $31.92 (SAVE $10.08)

EffectImagine having a coke bottle that can automatically and visibly drink itself. The ghost bottle can do just that and perform a number of other amazing effects. You can pour the coke into a newspaper rolled into a cone and crush the paper, or open it to show the coke has vanished. You can even...

Invisible Card Punch Trick
Invisible Card Punch
Trick by Dave Powell - $12.00 NOW $9.12 (SAVE $2.88)

With the Invisible Card Punch you will be able to achieve amazing card effects by making a small bump on any card. You can now mark cards before performing or secretly mark a card anytime you wish, right in front of the spectator's nose. By placing a small amount on the reusable adhesive Handitak...

Card Fountain Trick
Card Fountain
Trick by Dave Powell - $90.00 NOW $68.40 (SAVE $21.60)

EFFECT: Magician removes the entire deck of cards from the case and set the case on the table in front of him. He performs any of his usual card tricks and then returns the deck to the case. Suddenly and without any strange moves the cards fly out of the case in a streaming fountain, at which time...

Needle Thru Arm Trick
Needle Thru Arm
Trick by Dave Powell - $30.00 NOW $22.80 (SAVE $7.20)

A large needle is visibly pierced through the forearm of the magician. It is moved back and forth and the arm is actually seen to start bleeding from the wound. As the needle is withdrawn and the blood wiped clean, the arm is shown to be PERFECTLY UNHARMED! Includes vial of Blood   Needle...