Magic by Dave Womach

Taming Training & Tricks DVD
Taming Training & Tricks
DVD by Dave Womach - $50.00

Chet Womach - Professional Parrot Trainer, and Dave Womach - Professional Magician, combine their two unique skills to bring you an entertaining way to tame and train your wild-out-of-control-screaming-biting parrot. Even if your bird is tame now, you can teach it amazing tricks within 15 minutes...

Parakeet Pocket Trick
Parakeet Pocket
Trick by Dave Womach - $25.00

This is a utility device that is to be used specifically with the Dave Womach Parakeet Gizmo. Made of high quality black satin, this pocket is designed for years of continued use. This pocket can be used in a variety of different locations, to assist in the perfect production of your parakeet....

Parakeet Magic DVD
Parakeet Magic
DVD by Dave Womach - $50.00

This is the only DVD in the world that teaches you how to perform parakeet magic, all thoroughly explained by World Class Illusionist Dave Womach. This is a fantastic DVD that will explain everything you need to know about creating and performing a parakeet magic act. Dave Womach shows you how to...

Secrets of Bird Magic Volume 1 DVD
Secrets of Bird Magic Volume 1
DVD by Dave Womach - $50.00

Secrets of Bird Magic Volume 1 features many new concepts with birds, including the exploding dove vanish, impromptu parakeet from Kleenex, and many, many more. Learn the beginning steps of how to train your parrot for a show. Everything you'll need to know to get your birds into your 1st show!...