Magic by David Bonsall

Ring Flight Revolution Trick
Ring Flight Revolution
Trick by David Bonsall - $159.00

We've teamed up with Ring Flight Revolution creator David Bonsall to bring you the best Ring Flight we've ever seen. Josh and Andi have been using this effect in their close-up work and receiving incredible reactions. Now you can too. The effect is that you borrow a ring and very cleanly...

Card on Ceiling Wax Accessory
Card on Ceiling Wax
Accessory by David Bonsall - From $6.00

The Card on Ceiling trick has been around for many decades and was originally performed with tacks but over the last few decades, magicians have been using wax as an alternative. Dave Bonsall from PropDog came up with what we think is a great improvement to the wax ... and that is to add...

Vanishing Wife Pills Trick
Vanishing Wife Pills
Trick by David Bonsall - $8.00

How many times have we been asked "If you're a magician, can you make my wife disappear?" We get asked this all the time, accompanied by a smirk. Well now you have the perfect comeback. You reach into your pocket and pull out a small pill tub, on it reads "Wife Vanishing Pills", you show it to the...

Dr Bull's Patented Bullshit Repellent Trick
Dr Bull's Patented Bullshit Repellent
Trick by David Bonsall - $8.00

PropDog understand the need for comedy in every performance, especially for the working pros. So we've come up with a great gag and heckler stopper idea - Dr Bull's Patented Bullshit Repellent!...helps cure chronic bullshitting!' So when that time comes, simple pull it out of your pocket, give it a...