Magic by David Stone

Splash Bottle 2.0 Trick
Splash Bottle 2.0
Trick by David Stone - $49.95

Splash Bottle is a gimmick that makes miracles possible. Created by Damien Vappereau and Jean Mark 16 years ago, David STONE uses Splash Bottle in his professional repertoire. It has earned him repeated standing ovations and we think, is the best bottle production on the market. In...

Hologram DVD
DVD by David Stone - $34.95

The spectator freely chooses a card that is "marked" on the back with a yellow sticker. You clearly lose the card in the deck and shuffle. Then you explain that you are going to make the card appear on the top... and thanks to the sticker, everyone will see it! Indeed, with no...

Close Up - The Real Secrets of Magic  Book
Close Up - The Real Secrets of Magic
Book by David Stone - $29.95

Do you want to start performing magic in a professional environment? Do you want to start getting some gigs, or perhaps raise your game at the gigs that you already work? Then, David Stone's book may have the answers for you. There are no tricks in this book: instead it's a manual...

Zenith DVD
DVD by David Stone - $34.95

The only card trick that is guaranteed to raise the roof! Created by David Stone and eveloped by JB Dumas, you can predict that the production quality is high and like all of David Stone's effects, Zenith is fooling, memorable and impressive! No more dropped cards on the floor!!!...

Mirage Trick
Trick by David Stone and JB Dumas - $34.95

If it started as a Paul Harris idea, then you should take notice. When David Stone uses it all the time, too, then you should be purchasing one now! Welcome to the visual illusion of Mirage!Mirage will let you vanish or produce a deck simply by waving your hand, and it looks so good it simply seems...

Tool DVD
DVD by David Stone - $34.95

TOOL is much more than a gimmick. It's a real tool that will allow you to perform more than 11 routines completely different and easy to do! Visually change the color of the cards' back witout any sleight Instantly and visually restore a signed and torn card Magically...

Basic Coin Magic - Volume 1 (David Stone) DVD
Basic Coin Magic - Volume 1 (David Stone)
DVD by David Stone - $35.00

A complete course for beginners, amateurs and professionals. Nine full routines you can use in real-world and professional conditions. More than 15 basic techniques! Multiple Awards winner (Diavol Award 1995, Gold Dove Award 1996...), the french magician David STONE performs nine routines in this...

StoneX DVD
DVD by David Stone and Jean-Luc Bertrand - $35.00

David stone is back, partenering with the multi-talented Jean-Luc Bertrand to bring you more than 3 Hours of Amazing MAGIC!  Shot Live In Paris and Blackpool FISM 2012 Stone's Complete Entertainment Magic Master Class INCLUDING: MisdirectionCredit Card Magic"Clipper"...

The Real Secrets of Magic - Volume 2 DVD
The Real Secrets of Magic - Volume 2
DVD by David Stone - $39.95

Make A Living With Close Up Magic. More Tips & Advice - Manage The Audience - Guarantee Your Tips - Resell Yourself After Each Show ROUTINES French Kiss Sam Card Cash Card Cigcoin Duncan Reset Mulberry Misglass cocOOn...

Quit Smoking DVD
Quit Smoking
DVD by David Stone - $35.00

David Stone's Impromptu "Non-Smoking" Routine, Caught LiveQuit SmokingThe magician borrows a pack of cigarettes and after a succession of flash vanishes and reappearances, causes the entire pack to completely vanish without a trace!No SmokingYou break a cigarette in half, show the two separate...

David Stone Live at FFFF DVD
David Stone Live at FFFF
DVD by David Stone - $29.95

David Stone is a Frenchman. But, don't let that hold you back - he has some really amazing magic that we think you'd like to see.This is a live lecture DVD, filmed at the FFFF convention (that's a convention for people with a stutter). There's no fancy editing, or anything like that, you just get...

Words Trick
Trick by David Stone - $100.00

A member of the audience is given a "Word-Search Puzzles" book, opens it at any page, finds a word in the puzzle and visualizes it in his mind. The mentalist concentrates for a moment and reveals the thought-of word! This effect can be repeated as many times as you wish, always with a...

Window DVD & props
DVD & props by David Stone - $79.95

WINDOW by David Stone is not like anything else. 2 cards selected 1st one appears behind the window / / 2nd card visually changes thru the glass YOU CAN CHANGE A CARD THAT IS BEHIND GLASS. Card through glass effects cost upward of $300 and usually require complicated setups or...

Close Up The Real Secrets of Magic Autographed Book
Close Up The Real Secrets of Magic Autographed
Book by David Stone - $50.00

Signed by David Stone!Become a First-Rate Close-Up Performer with this indispensable Guide. A Goldmine of Hints for the Pros The real secrets of professional magicians are NOT their routines! If you want to be a pro, you don't need another book of tricks; you need a guide through his world of...

The Real Secrets of Magic DVD
The Real Secrets of Magic
DVD by David Stone - $39.95 each

David Stone's magic is fantastic. Visual, impactful and entertaining, these DVDs are a MUST for any close-up magician!

Cell Trick
Trick by David Stone - $49.95

In Collaboration with Mickael Chatelain Signed card in your cell phone! Cell is a gimmick that allows you to produce a signed card in the battery compartment of your cell phone. The "Kennedy Box" (Mystery Box) for the magicians who don't want to carry a box in their pocket. You receive a DVD and...

Real Secrets Of David Stone DVD
Real Secrets Of David Stone
DVD by David Stone - $39.95

More than 120 performances in almost 2 years. The last one took place at the most attended convention: Blackpool, where 700 magicians witnessed the outstanding show that built David Stone's fame, making him one of the worlds best magic performers today. This film is so much more than a lecture,...

Coin Magic - Volume 2 DVD
Coin Magic - Volume 2
DVD by David Stone - $35.00

The French magician David Stone is back... with a progressive lesson in Coin Magic and 9 brand new routines, including one of the wildest « Flurry » routine ever made and 25 moves and sleights you can do anywhere, in any stand-up conditions. No expense has been spared : professionally produced and...

The Real Secrets of Magic - Volume 1 DVD
The Real Secrets of Magic - Volume 1
DVD by David Stone - $39.95

Basic Professional Close Up Magic  Amazing Impact - Capture and entertain the audience - Easy to do commercial magic - Operate in tough conditions - Tips and advice to start ROUTINES Hermes One Coin Routine Hallucinations Ghost Watch Out...