Magic by Deepak Mishra

Vaniss Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Deepak Mishra - $19.95

VANISS is a collection of five complete coin vanishes all performed at the fingertips created by D'Puck M'Shra. Imagine being able to make a regular coin vanish at the very tips of your fingers. Learn Five different Methods to do exactly that. Make a coin vanish at the fingertips with un-gimmicked...

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Walletrix Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Oliver Smith and Deepak Mishra - $9.99

"This is a very sexy method and utility device that doesn't just create miracles, instead it gives that moment of astonishment we as magicians desire"- Justin Miller "This project is packed with brilliantly creative and practical material. Anyone watching this will be itching to test out the...

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Throutshirt Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Deepak Mishra - $4.95

A simple effect in which you pull your earphones through your shirt. In a casual situation, this can create a great moment.

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