Magic by Docc Hilford

Monster Mentalism (4 DVD Set) DVD
Monster Mentalism (4 DVD Set)
DVD by Docc Hilford - $29.95 each

Contemporary mentalism can be as fun and exciting as a hot night at a drive-in movie. The giant screen portrays regular people, leading mundane lives...

Serpent Wallet Trick
Serpent Wallet
Trick by Docc Hilford - $79.99

Special Offer: When you purchase this item, you will also receive an exclusive download from New York based magician, Eli Bosnick. Eli teaches you...

Curse Of Monster Mentalism - Volume 2 DVD
Curse Of Monster Mentalism - Volume 2
DVD by Docc Hilford - $29.95

Nightmare Coin - Have you ever dreamt you walked past an empty house at night? Have you ever been unable to wake up from a nightmare? From the...

Split Up Trick
Split Up
Trick by Docc Hilford - $8.35

Why does love have to hurt so bad? Here's a trick designed for walk around, table magic and live on-the-street performances. It's direct mentalism,...

Attack Of Monster Mentalism - Volume 1 DVD
Attack Of Monster Mentalism - Volume 1
DVD by Docc Hilford - $29.95

Time Will Tell - A Dunninger secret that rips the fabric of time and space! See an unsuspecting spectator set his watch to any time he wishes. A...

Bride Of Monster Mentalism - Volume 3 DVD
Bride Of Monster Mentalism - Volume 3
DVD by Docc Hilford - $29.95

A Letter from the Future - A mysterious man risks everything to travel forward in time, gain information and prove he's returned to the past. But...

Night Of Monster Mentalism - Volume 4 DVD
Night Of Monster Mentalism - Volume 4
DVD by Docc Hilford - $29.95

Impossible Choice - What's crazier than a mad street performer who sneaks off to a deserted coffee shop, transforms himself into a mutant...

3 Card Canasta Trick
3 Card Canasta
Trick by Docc Hilford - $29.99

In the early 1960s Chan Canasta was the master of apparent mind control. A recently discovered video shows the mind reader on Dutch TV performing a...

The Whispering Buddhas Trick
The Whispering Buddhas
Trick by Docc Hilford - $75.00

An Amazing Classic Brought to Life! The Whispering Buddha is one of the greatest and strangest classics in magic. Greatest because of its simple and...

Book Of Numbers Volume 1 Book
Book Of Numbers Volume 1
Book by Docc Hilford - $11.70

Contained within this tome are the detailed secrets of six mentalistic miracles. Beyond his original creations, Docc adds new presentations and...

Hey Mr. DJ Book
Hey Mr. DJ
Book by Docc Hilford - $20.00

Mentalism You Can Dance To! Music is a big part of the entertainment at weddings, bar mitzvahs and graduations. If a mentalist can incorporate the DJ...

Book Of Numbers Volume Three Book
Book Of Numbers Volume Three
Book by Docc Hilford - $15.00

Professionals and amateurs alike have been wildly enthusiastic about the first two volumes of The Book of Numbers. Here is the final Volume, devoted...

Black Moon Book
Black Moon
Book by Docc Hilford - $45.00

"Yang is the male. It is white and the sun. But Yin is the woman. It is BLACK and the MOON." - Lao Tse 660 B.C. For the mentalist, PREDICTING THE...

It's a Lu Lu Book
It's a Lu Lu
Book by Docc Hilford - $20.00

A perfect startling new way to read minds! Imagine working high end night clubs with a deck of cards and a handkerchief. And getting paid good money...

The Vault by Docc Hilford DVD
The Vault by Docc Hilford
DVD by Docc Hilford - $38.50

The name Docc Hilford is infamous when it comes to real world mentalism. On this two DVD set Docc takes you into The Vault where he reveals for the...

Nostrum Necromancy Book
Nostrum Necromancy
Book by Docc Hilford - $35.00

Three Routines in One Book This book has three very strong mental routines that will get you noticed whenever and for whomever you perform. Want to...

Jagged Edge Book
Jagged Edge
Book by Docc Hilford - $11.70

Has these important features: No switching of papers.  Only one paper is used. No carbons in the pad, or anywhere else. No peeks, glimpses or...

The Secrets Of Dr. Tao Trick
The Secrets Of Dr. Tao
Trick by Docc Hilford - $25.00

Three Original Close-Up Monu-Mental Effects Designed For Walk Around Cocktail Parties. From the Secret Books of Dr. Tao come three original tricks of...

Book Of Numbers Volume Two Book
Book Of Numbers Volume Two
Book by Docc Hilford - $30.63

If you thought number mentalism was about arithmetic, you don't know The Book of Numbers! In this, the second volume of the three volume set, Docc...

Dark Cloak Book
Dark Cloak
Book by Docc Hilford - $25.00

Learn how to become another person, know their secrets and deepest feelings even though these thoughts were never written , spoken or even shared! In...

CM2 - Cellular Mitosis 2 Book
CM2 - Cellular Mitosis 2
Book by Docc Hilford - $15.00

The Highest Level of Cell Work The final book in a series of thirty is perhaps Docc Hilford's greatest yet. His swansong will leave audiences in awe....

The Cinderella Act Trick
The Cinderella Act
Trick by Docc Hilford - $45.00

EffectIf you have ever performed in front of a teenage audience, you know that it can be incredibly difficult. This manuscript explains a mentalism...

Rasputin's Secret Book
Rasputin's Secret
Book by Docc Hilford - $20.00

From the pages of history a name stands out as one of the greatest mystics of all time, Rasputin! His mastery of the past, present, and future...

REFILL Black Moon Book
REFILL Black Moon
Book by Docc Hilford - $15.00

This is a Black Moon REFILL package. Included are two gimmicked pads for the effect Black Moon. The instructions and other necessary props are NOT...

Invisible Stranger Book
Invisible Stranger
Book by Docc Hilford - $45.00

It hides in Shadows and Impersonates the Innocent Frustrated with complicated billet peeks that are cleverer on the page than in the field? Tired of...

Top Shelf Book
Top Shelf
Book by Docc Hilford - $50.00

Docc Hilford's Top Shelf includes everything you need to get started in performing at Top End night clubs, restaurants, and bistros - a special...