Magic by Donato Colucci

Aerial Egg Trick
Aerial Egg
Trick by Donato Colucci - $9.95 NOW $7.56 (SAVE $2.39)

This prop is a plastic egg in which holes have been cut at each end,The small strip between the holes is the only part that will be visible to the audience (the egg placed properly is back-palmed),the strip is painted in a light palm color and is not detectable at a short distance.

High Quality Blown Eggs Trick
High Quality Blown Eggs
Trick by Donato Colucci - $15.00

The Blown Egg is most commonly used for the Egg Bag, Don Alan's Comedy Egg Can, and for filling with confetti.There are a number of other effects that can give the Blown Egg center stage: Egg & Rice, Egg Nog, Eggs to Silks, and Eggs to PopcornAnimation Effects: Mesmerized Egg, Wonderful Walking...

Egg Skin Trick
Egg Skin
Trick by Donato Colucci - $27.50 NOW $20.90 (SAVE $6.60)

The Egg Skin is most often used for Egg on Fan and Tissue to Egg. See The Encyclopedia of Egg Magic for Appearing Egg, Poached Egg on Toast, Egg to Canary, and Eggs-aggerated Tissue.

Encyclopedia of Egg Magic Book
Encyclopedia of Egg Magic
Book by Donato Colucci - $60.00

The Magic Egg-Fascinating, Mysterious, Perfect in Form and Innately Funny How can one simple object be all these things and more? That is, perhaps, the central mystery of the egg. But with al these things going for it, the egg is a perfect prop for the magician, and magicians have been using it for...