Magic by Doosung Hwang

Connexion Trick
Trick by DooSung Hwang, Ardubi and Starheart Presents - 124.95

A powerful routine filled with a ton of surprise and fun for every audience. At first glance, this looks like just an ordinary lamp. Yet,...

Vector Prediction Magic download (video)
Vector Prediction
Magic download (video) by Doosung Hwang - 9.95

Predict a chosen card and it's location with this fun and surprising routine. They freely select any card and hold it face down. Neither you nor...

Replacement Bulb for Connexion Refill
Replacement Bulb for Connexion
Refill by DooSung Hwang and Ardubi - 24.95

Replacement bulb for use with "Connexion" by Doosung, Ardubi and Starheart Presents. Bulb only. No instructions included.