Magic by Doruk Ulgen

Miracle Bingo Trick
Miracle Bingo
Trick by Doruk Ulgen - $84.95

With Miracle Bingo you are able to predict/control the outcome of a completely innocent looking game of bingo; who, when, with which number will win the game and so many other possibilities. This interactive game can be learned and performed by anyone in a matter of minutes, allowing...

Miracle T-shirt Prediction Trick
Miracle T-shirt Prediction
Trick by Doruk Ulgen - $24.95

Carry your card revelation around in plain sight until you need it...with the spectator none the wiser!Doruk Ulgen brings you Miracle T-shirt Prediction, a truly unique way to reveal a selected card.The spectator sees a T-shirt with random symbols, but after you force a card on the spectator,...

Miracle Puzzle Trick
Miracle Puzzle
Trick by Doruk Ulgen - $675.00

A poetic mystery, an illusionette that can be carried with one hand, a display of pure elegance and beauty... A Sophisticated experience...Miracle Puzzle (Stage / Eco) by Doruk Ulgen Performer introduces a puzzle that fits perfectly in a beautiful frame, which all together is displayed upright on...