Magic by Ed Meredith

Daemons, Darklings and Doppelgangers Book
Daemons, Darklings and Doppelgangers
Book by Ed Meredith - $34.95

This is one of those older, kooky books on presentation with a gothic type theme. It's rare and hard-to-find in the present market, so we're delighted to present it to you if you give these sorts of dark, magick kind of presentations. Tony Shiels Author of "13" AND SomethingStrange has come up with...

An Invitation to Mystery Book
An Invitation to Mystery
Book by Ed Meredith - $19.95

Tony Griffith is truly gifted when it comes to routines and presentations. In An Invitation to Mystery, Tony shares some of his greatest effects and routines. Some very deceiving card magic is explained in detail. Keep in mind, these are far from knuckle busting effects -- as a matter...

Feature Magic for Mentalists Book
Feature Magic for Mentalists
Book by Ed Meredith - $24.95

This classic book has many hidden gems. It's the sort of thing that was written in another era, but has pure gold. To be able to work in magic effects under the guise of a mental invaluable. It allows your mentalism show to feature more visual and unusual material than the...

Master-Mentality Book
Book by Ed Meredith - $29.95

Master-Mentality is one of the most important books written on the subject of Contact Mind Reading. Stanton Carlisle demonstrates how to perform Contact Mind Reading convincingly and without the difficulties normally associated with this art form. Carlisle shares all his personal secrets, methods,...

Super Spell Book
Super Spell
Book by Ed Meredith - $15.00

Ken De Courcy's SUPER SPELL is an extremely deceiving and well thought-out effect using the spelling premise. What makes SUPER SPELL so deceiving is the randomness of the effect and open handling. Spectators are truly baffled and amazed! VERY limited supplies available.

Straight Prediction Book
Straight Prediction
Book by Ed Meredith - $9.95

Straight Prediction is a fair and direct poker prediction effect. You can even use a borrowed deck. The spectator lays out a five-card poker hand. Other cards are then added to the hand and the spectator chooses which cards to discard. The remaining selections are seen to have been predicted long...

Goodies Book
Book by Ed Meredith - $39.95

Goodies is a book filled with classic Karrell Fox Magic! Nine chapters contain real worker-friendly material for the stand-up performer. There is even great kids' magic included in these pages. VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES!