Magic by Eoin O'Hare

Pinpoint Pegger Accessory
Pinpoint Pegger
Accessory by Eoin O'Hare - $100.00

A Card Punch, or "Pegger", is a card marking device, that is used to place a small bump or "blister" onto the surface of a playing card, allowing the initiate to detect the card by means of touch. The Pinpoint Pegger, designed and made by Eoin O'Hare, has many unique features,...

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Stripper Jig - Card Trimmer Accessory
Stripper Jig - Card Trimmer
Accessory by Eoin O'Hare - $600.00

We are very excited to be able to exclusively sell this professional device: the Stripper Jig. The jig creates card gimmicks so perfectly undetectable that the consequences would be scary if they got into the hands of hustlers. If you have never seen a stripper deck made with a precision tool, the...

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Breather Jig Accessory
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Breather Jig
Accessory by Eoin O'Hare - $150.00

What is a Breather Jig we hear you ask? From our friend, Eoin O'Hare, this is the coolest card tool we have seen in a long time. It is a handcrafted tool which allows you to perfectly apply an offset breather crimp to any poker sized playing card. The offset breather crimp is seldom...

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