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Real Floating Card DVD
Real Floating Card
DVD by Eric James - $17.00 $12.92 (SAVE $4.08)

So, you like levitation effects? Well Alex Markov has created what some are calling the best of the best when it comes to close-up levitations. The performer shows his hands empty on both sides, then hands hand out or borrows a deck of cards for shuffling. A spectator then selects a card and places...

Russian Roulette DVD
Russian Roulette
DVD by Alan Rorrison and Eric James - $26.25 $19.95 (SAVE $6.30)

Imagine a trick that is as powerful and exciting for the performer as it is for the spectators. An effect that truly never gets boring. An effect that adds drama and suspense to any act. Imagine an effect that can be done anywhere, anytime. An effect that can stand alone as a routine by itself.No...

Ultimate Card Through Window DVD - Eric James DVD
Ultimate Card Through Window DVD - Eric James
DVD by Eric James - $45.00 $34.20 (SAVE $10.80)

This is amazing! This effect is at the essence of true magic. It has captivated Magicians and Laymen alike for many years. You've seen the world's greatest magicians perform this effect on TV countless times. You've tried your best to get to that level, or even surpass what you've seen. Well,...