Magic by Federico Poeymiro

Trick by Federico Poeymiro - 74.95

Can you solve a Rubik's Cube in one second? Now you can! Get ready for MAGIKUB! Actually it's even faster than that! You can rotate the cube, trying...

Brand of Fire Trick
Brand of Fire
Trick by Federico Poeymiro - 25.00

There's surprising revelations and then there's "Brand of Fire"! This visually stunning effect is on an entirely different level. It...

Perfect Triumph Trick
Perfect Triumph
Trick by Federico Poeymiro - 24.95

This is a triumph effect but done differently. The cards rearrange under more impossible conditions than usual. The magician shows an envelope that...

MIRO Deck Deck of cards
Deck of cards by Federico Poeymiro - 39.95

Miro Deck is an amazing deck of Bicycle cards which enables you to do a multitude of miracles. Have you ever imagined performing an...

Perfect Triumph JUMBO Trick
Perfect Triumph JUMBO
Trick by Federico Poeymiro - 40.00

EFFECT: The magician shows an envelope that contains a prediction. A spectator takes a card from the deck and after he/she remembers it, the card is...

Determination Trick
Trick by Federico Poeymiro - 19.95

Effect:5 cards with the E.S.P. symbols are removed from an envelope and extended on the table in a row. A spectator is told to put a paperball on top...