Magic by Feel Flux

Skill Flux Puzzle
Skill Flux
Puzzle by Feel Flux - 89.00

Are you ready to defy gravity? “Skill Flux” is an award-winning, gravity-defying device that allows you to harness the power of magnetic force to...

Spin Flux Puzzle
Spin Flux
Puzzle by Feel Flux - From $79.99

Calm your mind, reduce stress and improve focus. Offered as part of the same “Feel Flux” line that features the remarkable “Skill Flux” and “Skill...

Skill Flux Pro Puzzle
Skill Flux Pro
Puzzle by Feel Flux - 89.99

Revolutionary construction for revolutionary ideas. The “Skill Flux Klaus Pro Model” has been specially crafted in honor of German-born Klaus Van...

Feel Flux Puzzle
Feel Flux
Puzzle by Feel Flux - 109.95

Discover what magic feels like. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to defy gravity? With “Feel Flux”, you can achieve an unbelievable...

Fluxons Puzzle
Puzzle by Feel Flux - 49.95

An oddly-satisfying, multi-purpose fidget that will give your brain the peace and relaxation it deserves. Once you pick up “Fluxons”, you won’t be...