Magic by GD Wu

White Flash Flower  Trick
White Flash Flower
Trick by GD Wu - $39.95 NOW $30.36 (SAVE $9.59)

Flash Flower can be easily palm in one hand , even when using two flowers. Flash Flower is a brand new gimmick that will revolutionize flower productions, designed by GT magicstore. You can produce a flower at will. The special designed gimmick does all the work for you. What...

LED Vanishing Cane Trick
LED Vanishing Cane
Trick by GD Wu - $59.95

Vanishing cane has been a classic of stage magic. And now, GD Wu combines vanishing cane with high technology LED, bringing new life to this classic stage magic prop. The addition of LEDs makes the effect look modern and more intriguing. Special designed switch allows you to change color...

Flying Microphone Trick
Flying Microphone
Trick by GD Wu - $115.00 NOW $87.40 (SAVE $27.60)

Flying Microphone is GD Wu's latest creation. This product includes three kinds of striking magic effects, Penetrating Silk, Dancing Microphone, and Flying Microphone. Before your performance, you can set this flying microphone on the stage and it just looks like a normal one. It can be...