Magic by Harry Anderson

Wise Guy Book
Wise Guy
Book by Harry Anderson - 35.00

Here at last, is the whole story behind America's most successful comedy magician. From his early days in the street, to head-lining in night...

Needle Thru Arm Deluxe DVD
Needle Thru Arm Deluxe
DVD by Harry Anderson - 99.95

Harry Anderson's signature effect! Effect: You roll back your sleeve, and start talking about things like "pain thresholds," "surgical procedures,"...

The Last Monte Trick
The Last Monte
Trick by Harry Anderson - 15.00

EffectThis is an outstanding routine which simulates the classic Three Card Monte routine played on the streets. Even though the routine looks and...

Stage Blood/Harry Anderson's Trick
Stage Blood/Harry Anderson's
Trick by Harry Anderson - 3.00

Harry Anderson's Stage Blood is perfect for his Needle thru arm or any other times you need to gross out your friends. Comes in a 2 ounce bottle....