Magic by Heinz Minten

The Pimpernel Wallet Accessory
The Pimpernel Wallet
Accessory by Heinz Minten and Peter Scarlett - $85.00

Special Offer: When you purchase this item, you will also receive an exclusive download from New York based magician, Eli Bosnick. Eli teaches you...

3 Choice Trick
3 Choice
Trick by Heinz Minten - $59.95 $45.56 (SAVE $14.39)

"Wayne has created a routine that fits my needs; a clever method, direct effect and a lasting impact on my audience... I have made '3 Choice' a...

Mini Switch Wallet 2.0 Accessory
Mini Switch Wallet 2.0
Accessory by Heinz Minten - $39.95

Selected Card Appears In The Zip Compartment Of This Special Wallet. This Top Quality mini size leather wallet has been specially made for secretly...

Time Warp Trick
Time Warp
Trick by Heinz Minten - $85.00 $64.60 (SAVE $20.40)

Any Hour Of The Day Selected By A spectator Matches The prediction Taken From An Otherwise Empty Leather Wallet. A spectator is asked to think of any...

Card Cascade Wallet Accessory
Card Cascade Wallet
Accessory by Heinz Minten - $48.00

The perfect comedy solution to Pick A Card plot, it's the Cascade Card Wallet!A spectator selects a card and loses it in the deck. You introduced a...

Elite Himber Wallet Accessory
Elite Himber Wallet
Accessory by Heinz Minten - $59.95

This Elite Himber is perfect for your bank note routines, whenever you need to switch or have money appear in a previously shown empty wallet.Of...

AC Himber Wallet Accessory
AC Himber Wallet
Accessory by Heinz Minten - $89.00

The perfect switching device for flat objects!Most everybody is familiar with the Himber Wallet, but the AC Himber Wallet takes it to a new level....

Card Trick Holder Wallet Accessory
Card Trick Holder Wallet
Accessory by Heinz Minten - $24.95

This wallet can hold 10 of your favorite poker size playing card tricks.Each of the pockets inside the wallet will hold several cards.

The LePaul Wallet Accessory
The LePaul Wallet
Accessory by Heinz Minten - $59.95

A Borrowed And Signed Banknote Is Found Inside A Sealed Envelope Taken from A Zippered Wallet. The performer asks for a loan of a banknote. The...

Visa Cabaret Trick
Visa Cabaret
Trick by Heinz Minten - $59.95

Predict The Order That Three Credit Cards Are Selected.A special designed leather wallet makes it possible for you to predict in which order three...

Z6 Z-Fold Wallet  Accessory
Z6 Z-Fold Wallet
Accessory by Wayne Dobson and Heinz Minten - $45.00

This great little package includes a Z-fold wallet, and six routines hatched from Wayne Dobson's slightly Z wallet obsessed brain.Each effect is...

Coin Pouch Accessory
Coin Pouch
Accessory by Heinz Minten - $34.95

Leather Pouch For Gimmicked Coins This top quality leather coin pouch is the perfect place to safely store your gimmicked coins. Set of three.

Leather Coin Purse Accessory
Leather Coin Purse
Accessory by Heinz Minten - $34.95

This leather coin purse is perfect to keep all your coin tricks in one place. Holds up to 6 coins. Nicely made in leather and black lined to keep the...