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Magic of Steve Hamilton Book
Magic of Steve Hamilton
Book by International Magic - $39.95

Steven Hamilton was a phenomenal magician!Skillful, passionate, modest, humorous, charismatic... and in his short life, he did it all - cards,...

KISS Lecture DVD
KISS Lecture
DVD by International Magic - $29.95

The widely acclaimed KISS Lecture by John Derris. Presented in over 50 Magic Clubs in the UK and Europe.Being an extension of the book KISS which...

My Drink Trick Trick
My Drink Trick
Trick by International Magic - $27.00

A comical tale of cards, money, booze and dames!! Effect With 14 surprises in this incredible routine, the effect is performed to an amusing gambling...

Marco Duca Lecture DVD
Marco Duca Lecture
DVD by International Magic - $34.95

This was the first time Marco has lectured in England and he was a huge hit. Excellent twist on known routines (the method for his "Gypsy Thread" is...

Jim Cellini Lecture DVD
Jim Cellini Lecture
DVD by International Magic - $34.95

For those fortunate enough to have seen Jim Cellini perform or lecture, this video needs no introduction. For those not so fortunate, here is a rare...