3DT Shirt Trick
3DT Shirt
Trick by JOTA ILUSIONISTA - 39.95

Visually pluck a real deck of cards out of your t-shirt with 3DT Shirt—one of the most surprising, fun and memorable ways to open up a card magic or...

Dream Box Trick
Dream Box
Trick by JOTA ILUSIONISTA - 39.95

3 New Versions Now Available! A surreal prediction effect with a PRINTED reveal that will leave your audiences guessing. With Dream Box, you start by...

Flip Book Trick
Flip Book
Trick by JOTA ILUSIONISTA - 65.00

One of the most original ring illusions! You can clearly make a spectator's ring disappear and make it reappear inside a box drawn on a Flipbook as...

Badge Holder Trick
Badge Holder
Trick by JOTA ILUSIONISTA - 49.95

Multiple powerful moments jam-packed into one incredible routine that they'll never forget. A playing card is selected and remembered before being...

Truly Tied Trick
Truly Tied
Trick by JOTA ILUSIONISTA - 29.95

In the blink of an eye, a ring, key or other small object magically transports from your hands to your shoelaces, where it is found impossibly tied...

Trick by JOTA ILUSIONISTA - 49.95

VIP PASS is a credential that allows you to teleport signed cards, bills, coins, tickets, pieces of paper or endless objects in a powerful way. You...

Trick by JOTA ILUSIONISTA - 39.95

A new version of a classic with a totally different method to force any number easily and clearly. And something else: The prediction is given by one...

Flipbook Magician Trick
Flipbook Magician
Trick by JOTA ILUSIONISTA and Jota - 65.00

A truly unique take on the classic ring flight effect. The spectator's ring disappears and reappears in one of the most unique locations ever used in...

Refills for Dream Box Refill
Refills for Dream Box
Refill by JOTA ILUSIONISTA - $15.00 $6.75 (SAVE $8.25)

Refills for the Dream Box effect by Jota. Includes 3 packs of 60 vouchers (180 vouchers in total). Available options: Original Dream Box...

Brainfluence Trick
Trick by JOTA ILUSIONISTA - 35.00

A mind-blowing, three-phase mentalism experience with no forces and a shocking finale. Your audience will be convinced you actually have the ability...

Name Cup Trick
Name Cup
Trick by JOTA ILUSIONISTA and Jota - 49.95

The name on a cup of coffee or soda magically transforms into another message up to three times in a row. "Name Cup" is a super direct and...

Plucked Out Trick
Plucked Out
Trick by JOTA ILUSIONISTA - 49.95

Pluck a spectator's thought-of card directly from a printed image on your t-shirt with "Plucked Out" by Jota. There are two hyper-visual...

Trick by JOTA ILUSIONISTA - 39.95

A great addition to your magic and mentalism arsenal! The NOTEBILL is a tool that looks like a normal Post-it pad, and allows you to change a...

Flip N Print Trick
Flip N Print
Trick by JOTA ILUSIONISTA - 39.95

The next evolution in Jota's bestselling "3DT Shirt" has arrived. "Flip N Print" is an eye-popping visual effect that is...