Magic by JP Vallarino

Airline Concept Trick
Airline Concept
Trick by JP Vallarino - 65.00

Imagine that you could materialize any small object that would be pined on a picture card attached to your shirt. You just touch the picture card and...

Poche A Poche Trick
Poche A Poche
Trick by JP Vallarino - 64.95

Without a doubt, the best version of Card to Wallet.Why? Because there is no need to palm the card! If you have seen or even practiced "Signed Card...

Ultimate As Mc Donald DVD
Ultimate As Mc Donald
DVD by JP Vallarino - 25.00

If you enjoyed The Ultimate Wild Card, here comes Jean-Pierre Vallarino's take on the McDonald Ace's Routine.This routine presents 2 different...

Trick by JP Vallarino - 50.00

How about presenting a miracle where a thought-of card, signed and removed from a normal deck, changes color? And, the deck had already been examined...

Rumba Count Jean-Pierre Vallarino DVD
Rumba Count Jean-Pierre Vallarino
DVD by JP Vallarino - 40.00

Rumba Count is a way to show the cards and give the impression that they have the same back, or the same face. It was originally designed to hide the...

Window Pro Trick
Window Pro
Trick by JP Vallarino - 65.00

Arteco Productions presents Signed Card Thru Window By JP Vallarino For the first time in the card through window effect, the card is signed and ends...