Magic by Jacob Smith

For No One Magic download (video)
For No One
Magic download (video) by Jacob Smith - $16.95

A fabulous piece of mentalism that destroys audiences! A spectator comes up with a person's name, and then thinks of any star sign and you prove that you knew which star sign they'd be thinking of right from the start! Further, they turn over an envelope to find that the person's name they had...

Severance Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Jacob Smith - $16.95

This is the ultimate solution for gaining information secretly. It feels so incredibly fair, your spectators won’t even remember that anything was ever written down. With Severance, you get a carefully crafted instant “pre-show” method that makes the billets used seem so insignificant, they are...

Subliminal Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Jacob Smith - $12.95

Subliminal is the perfect way to connect a card trick with true mentalism. Should playing cards be used in Mentalism? Jacob Smith explores this age old debate and reveals his favorite answer to the playing cards in “mentalism” problem with Subliminal. This age old question has been the subject of...

Challenge Cards Magic download (video)
Challenge Cards
Magic download (video) by Jacob Smith and Jacob - $19.95

If you've ever wanted a true challenge mind-reading routine that is easy and effortless, then Watkins' Challenge Cards is for you. Imagine having your spectators challenge you to read their mind about almost anything, and you are able to fire back with a truly engaging, fun and epic reveal of their...

Book of Champions 2.0 Magic download (video)
Book of Champions 2.0
Magic download (video) by Jacob Smith - $16.95

Jacob Smith’s inaugural release to the mentalism community receives a complete overhaul with Book of Champions 2.0. Using insights derived from his countless performances since it was first launched, Jacob offers an enhanced approach to this impromptu mental miracle. Book of Champions 2.0 allows...