Magic by Jean-Pierre Vallerino

Never Seen Trick
Never Seen
Trick by Jean-Pierre Vallerino - $34.95 $26.56 (SAVE $8.39)

From a borrowed deck, a spectator freely chooses a card, signs it, and puts it back in the deck before thouroughly shuffling the cards. They then place the cards into THEIR pocket. At no point has the magician touched the deck which means the card can GENUINELY be at any position. Effortlessly,...

Coup d'Etat DVD
Coup d'Etat
DVD by Jean-Pierre Vallerino - $24.95

At the very beginning of the trick, give two small bags to two different spectators and an envelope sealed with a padlock to a third one. The deck is shown and spectators can see it is normal and mixed. You ask one of the spectators to remix the deck. The deck is turned over then spread...

Cobra Danse Trick
Cobra Danse
Trick by Jean-Pierre Vallerino - $29.99

Cobra Danse is a wonderfully magical creation from Jean-Pierre Vallerino using everyday objects that is sure to leave your spectators scratching their heads! The effect is as follows. The magician shows two keys with different colour covers. A shoelace is threaded through the holes of...

Imagination DVD
DVD by Jean-Pierre Vallerino - $34.95

A trick out of this world for the public. The magician never touches the deck. Everything seems to happen in the spectator's mind. Ask your spectator to shuffle and cut an IMAGINARY deck and to put back a part of it on the mat. The spectator now counts the amount of imaginary cards left...

The 6th Sense DVD
The 6th Sense
DVD by Jean-Pierre Vallerino - $29.95

A spectator shuffles his own deck and cuts it three times to the the cards that you have predicted!  For the climax, the spectator's deck (which has been shuffled many times by the spectator and cut as well) is found exactly the same order as the magician's deck!

ECHO Sound
DVD by Jean-Pierre Vallerino - $29.95

You place a piece of cardboard aside before a spectator shuffles the four cards from their own deck and spreads these cards face down on the table out of your sight. After the cards have being mixed, they are put in different places. For example, under a phone, in a pocket, held between...

Bebel / Vallarino: Inspiration (Volumes 1 - 2) DVD or download
Bebel / Vallarino: Inspiration (Volumes 1 - 2)
DVD or download by Bebel and Jean-Pierre Vallerino - Various prices

The Inspiration DVD is Bebel and Vallarino's take on some classic tricks from Ed Marlo. First, they show the original version described by Marlo. Then, they discuss and brainstorm on how to improve the original trick to come to a more modern version. This is one of the unique opportunities...

Esprit 2.0 Trick
Esprit 2.0
Trick by Jean-Pierre Vallerino - $49.99

As you would expect from Jean-Pierre Vallerino, this effect is beautifully constructed, simple and impossible. A wallet containing a prediction is handed to a spectator. At this very precise moment there is absolutely no possibility of touching or even changing this prediction. ...

The Secret Weapon (Jean-Pierre Vallerino) Trick
The Secret Weapon (Jean-Pierre Vallerino)
Trick by Jean-Pierre Vallerino - $29.95

Imagine this... From a borrowed, shuffled deck, you are able to reveal a freely selected card in spite of the fact that the spectator has controlled everything.Easy to doNo loading or magnetsCan be done in any situation 

Quinte Trick
Trick by Jean-Pierre Vallerino - $29.95

With Quinte Card Flush, Jean-Pierre Vallarino gives us a stunning poker routine with a really devastating finale. After having shown an astounding cheating poker deal with your spectators, you suggest to reveal the tricks used by cheaters. In fact, you explain that cheaters can detect in a...

1 = 2 Trick
1 = 2
Trick by Jean-Pierre Vallerino - $29.95

J.P. Vallerino is an incredibly talented and clever French magician. Here, he has excelled himself once again. He has found a method for visually splitting one card box into two mini decks of cards. There are so many great presentatioal possibilities for this effect and it is fun to play with. You...