Magic by John Born

Seeking the Bridge Book
Seeking the Bridge
Book by John Born - $55.00

John Born’s Seeking the Bridge is a very interesting read. If you are familiar with John’s work, you know that he thinks very, very, very carefully about his card routines, and each one builds a thick tapestry of deception: elements of psychology, risk, sleight-of-hand, and gaffery play into his...

Meant To Be Book
Meant To Be
Book by John Born - $55.00

The “Any Card at Any Number” plot is one of the premier and most complex plots in all of card magic. Every aspect of this plot intrigues me. The plot is simple in concept, intricate in method, and absolutely astonishing in performance. Inside of these pages you will find what I...

Flip Shift Book
Flip Shift
Book by John Born - $22.50

Featuring Influenced and the Modern ACAAN In Meant To Be, we discovered the power and versatility of executing a shift while taking the cards out of the box. This particular project shares a completely different card case shift that is extremely practical, versatile, and deceptive. I...

Cheating At Texas Holdem Book
Cheating At Texas Holdem
Book by John Born - $55.00

"The gambler's ultimate guide to detection and prevention in the private game, in the casino, and online." Have you ever sat against a monster bet wishing that you knew what was coming on the river? Wonder if this is even possible? Over the years, hustlers and card mechanics have...

Matrix God's Way Book
Matrix God's Way
Book by John Born - $65.00

Presented within are my most valued solutions for perhaps the most visual plot in coin magic - chink-a-chink, also known as the barehanded matrix. My efforts in creating these effects exemplify how a little extra effort in preparation will reap great rewards in effect. Many take advantage of...