Magic by Jordan Gomez

Ball Magic DVD
Ball Magic
DVD by Jordan Gomez - $29.95

Learn now the world acclaimed ball act. MATERIALS PRESENTATION - How to fake a M&M's - JG's manipulation Balls - The triple color changing ball - How to make your own shell - How to make your loop ball - Ball holder - Black art M&M's bags - Topit EFFECTS -...

CD Magic - Volume 1 DVD
CD Magic - Volume 1
DVD by Jordan Gomez - $29.95

Learn all the basics & incredible techniques. PALMING TECHNIQUES - Middle Palming - Middle Transfer - Double Palming - Double Transfer - Pinky Palming - Body Palming - Cross Palming - Back Palming MANIPULATION TECHNIQUES - Bottom / Flap Production - Top /...

Dazzler Trick
Trick by Jordan Gomez - $5.00

From the creative minds behind Apple2iPhone, prepare to DAZZLE your audience with DAZZLER! A revolutionary iPhone APP (available at APPSTORE.COM/DAZZLER), used in conjunction with a specially designed gimmick, DAZZLER will turn any iPhone into a close-up flash device! Now you can add that extra...

CD Magic (Volume 1 & 2) DVD
CD Magic (Volume 1 & 2)
DVD by Jordan Gomez - $29.95 each

In July 2009, Jordan Gomez represented France with his CD manipulation act at the World Championship of Magic in Beijing (China). He finished in the top 5 best performers at only 17 years old. From that event, his CD act has been performed in over 30 countries worldwide. His magic also appeared on...

BELT Trick
Trick by Jordan Gomez - $34.95

BELT is a highly visual color change Includes: BLACK belt gimmick Online explanation video Video contents: Trailer The gimmick Set-up The control Progressive color change Flash color change Length and strength Customization...

CD Magic - Volume 2 DVD
CD Magic - Volume 2
DVD by Jordan Gomez - $29.95

Learn the world acclaimed act!INTRO - How to color your CDs CROSS CHANGE - Bottom Production & Cross Change - Top Production & Cross Change - 2/1/2 Line Color Change - Line Production (Flash) - Double Palming Reload THUMB PRODUCTION CROSS...