Magic by Jordan Gomez

Ball Magic DVD
Ball Magic
DVD by Jordan Gomez - $29.95

Learn now the world acclaimed ball act. MATERIALS PRESENTATION - How to fake a M&M's - JG's manipulation Balls - The triple color changing ball - How to make your own shell - How to make your loop ball - Ball holder - Black art M&M's bags - Topit EFFECTS -...

CD Magic - Volume 1 DVD
CD Magic - Volume 1
DVD by Jordan Gomez - $29.95

Learn all the basics & incredible techniques. PALMING TECHNIQUES - Middle Palming - Middle Transfer - Double Palming - Double Transfer - Pinky Palming - Body Palming - Cross Palming - Back Palming MANIPULATION TECHNIQUES - Bottom / Flap Production - Top /...

Dazzler Trick
Trick by Jordan Gomez - $5.00

From the creative minds behind Apple2iPhone, prepare to DAZZLE your audience with DAZZLER! A revolutionary iPhone APP (available at APPSTORE.COM/DAZZLER), used in conjunction with a specially designed gimmick, DAZZLER will turn any iPhone into a close-up flash device! Now you can add that extra...

BELT Trick
Trick by Jordan Gomez - $34.95

BELT is a highly visual color change Includes: BLACK belt gimmick Online explanation video Video contents: Trailer The gimmick Set-up The control Progressive color change Flash color change Length and strength Customization...

CD Magic (Volume 1 & 2) DVD
CD Magic (Volume 1 & 2)
DVD by Jordan Gomez - $29.95 each

In July 2009, Jordan Gomez represented France with his CD manipulation act at the World Championship of Magic in Beijing (China). He finished in the top 5 best performers at only 17 years old. From that event, his CD act has been performed in over 30 countries worldwide. His magic also appeared on...

CD Magic - Volume 2 DVD
CD Magic - Volume 2
DVD by Jordan Gomez - $29.95

Learn the world acclaimed act!INTRO - How to color your CDs CROSS CHANGE - Bottom Production & Cross Change - Top Production & Cross Change - 2/1/2 Line Color Change - Line Production (Flash) - Double Palming Reload THUMB PRODUCTION CROSS...