Magic by Kaymar Magic

Ghost Flight Trick
Ghost Flight
Trick by Peter Duffie and Kaymar Magic - 20.00

The ULTIMATE 'Assembly' Style routine! Join Liam Montier as he teaches you one of the most visual and shocking card tricks EVER - Peter Duffie's...

Hungarian Guessing Game AKA Gypsy Curse Trick
Hungarian Guessing Game AKA Gypsy Curse
Trick by Kaymar Magic and Peter Kane - 18.95

Peter Kane was a creative genius, responsible for many tricks and plots - including the classic 'Wild Card' routine. The Gypsy Curse (AKA the...

The Psychomatic Deck Trick
The Psychomatic Deck
Trick by Liam Montier and Kaymar Magic - 24.95

Deceptive, powerful, hands-off effects that are easy to do. "The Psychomatic Deck" by Liam Montier can be spread, mixed, and then cracked...

Detection Trick
Trick by Roy Johnson, Steve Cook and Kaymar Magic - 20.00

Using a set of Cluedo ("Clue") style cards, impossibly reveal the murderer, the victim and the murder weapon chosen by your star...

Win Win Trick
Win Win
Trick by Alan Chitty and Kaymar Magic - 15.00

Win Win from Alan Chitty is a remarkably clever packet trick that you're going to want to carry with you everywhere. You start by removing any two...

Psi Roller Trick
Psi Roller
Trick by Kaymar Magic and Michael Breggar - 24.95

A baffling, easy-to-do effect with a unique premise you'll love performing. "Psi Roller" by Michael Breggar is a wonderful combination of...