Magic by Steve Cook

Die-Abolical V5 Trick
Die-Abolical V5
Trick by Steve Cook - 54.50

Alakazam Magic is proud to work with Steve Cook. Steve has been creating magic for decades, and his creations are used by magicians the world...

Symbol DVD
DVD by Steve Cook - 25.00

Steve Cook has created a super slick ESP prediction. This awesome effect will fit neatly in your wallet and will fry any spectator! ...

Fake Genius Book
Fake Genius
Book by Steve Cook - 125.00

From the wildly creative mind of renowned magician and mentalist Steve Cook, comes an amazing new book packed with 20 incredibly powerful and...

Volition Trick
Trick by Steve Cook - 25.00

Volition by Steve Cook is a totally hands off Bank Night effect perfect for the close-up, strolling or parlour magician/mentalist. Four...

The Stealth Case Trick
The Stealth Case
Trick by Steve Cook - 89.10

Peeks are so, so important in close-up mentalism and magic, and this case is one of the finest we've seen. It's new, and the concept of the peek is...

ESP Test Kit Trick
ESP Test Kit
Trick by Steve Cook - 45.00

Steve Cook has done it again with the ESP Test Kit. This brilliant effect is a mix of Mentalism, Remote Viewing, Psychometry and...

Bagged! Trick
Trick by Steve Cook and Kaymar Magic Company UK - 16.95

A Joker, placed inside a self-seal plastic bag (or cloth drawstring bag) transposes with a spectator's signed card in the deck! No forces! No rough...

Lockdown Trick
Trick by Steve Cook and Kaymar Magic Company UK - 30.00

Steve Cook puts an incredible new spin on the iconic 'Combination Lock' routine with his killer new effect—Lockdown. Check out trailer to see it in...

Influence Trick
Trick by Alan Wong and Steve Cook - $59.95 $51.00 (SAVE $8.95)

A wildly deceptive and wonderfully unique spin on the Free Will premise. Inspired by the classic Free Will plot, "Influence" by Steve Cook...

ID Trick
Trick by Steve Cook - 73.75

This thought-of card in envelope effect is so quick and deadly, that it's bound to be your new opener! In ID, you show a red envelope inside...

Detection Trick
Trick by Roy Johnson, Steve Cook and Kaymar Magic - 20.00

Using a set of Cluedo ("Clue") style cards, impossibly reveal the murderer, the victim and the murder weapon chosen by your star...

Fake Genius 2 Book
Fake Genius 2
Book by Steve Cook - 130.00

The highly-anticipated follow-up to Fake Genius from renowned mentalist Steve Cook. "Steve is highly unique in that he lives and breathes...